Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preparing for the Pantry Challenge

(okay, I've never added pictures from my camera to blogger before. I don't know why they are all at the top of the page, but that is the over-the-fridge freezer, my closet pantry, and one of the kitchen cupboards)

Heather is having a pantry challenge in the month of February, and I have decided to join in. I have recently posted the inventory from my freezer and the cupoboards. I did go to the store last week to stock up on a few sales, spending a total of $83.00 between two stores. This is what I bought at Kroger:
15 lbs flour
3 (24) packs of drinking water
10 Totino's pizzas
4 half-gallons of chocolate milk
8 (1 lb) blocks of assorted cheese
4 packages Annies Organic mac and cheese
1.21 lbs tomatoes
1.78 lbs grapes
2 boxes saltine crackers
1 lb carrots

After I left Kroger, I drove to the next town over to an Amish bulk store, and purchased the following:
.52 lbs bacon bits
.67 lbs sour cream and onion powder
.48 lbs cheddar cheese powder
.66 lbs nacho cheese powder
.32 lbs cheesy bacon and potato soup mix(This prepared with a dash of red pepper sauce tastes exactly like O'Charley's Potato Soup)
.74 lbs vanilla pudding mix
.79 lbs choclate pudding mix
.62 lbs whip topping mix
.87 lbs cherry gelatin
.32 lbs grape gelatin
1.31 lbs sea salt

I will need to buy milk, eggs, and sandwich bread throughout February, but that is it. Hopefully I can save by staying out of the grocery, and apply that money to reducing our debt

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