Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Goals

Well, Christmas has come and gone. This year, I just really wasn't in the "mood" for all of the holdiay hoopla, and am glad its over. For the first time ever, we stayed home on Christmas day. We opened gifts that morning, had breakfast, and watched Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Carol (the newer Jim Carey version), and A Christmas Story. I cooked a full meal, and it was simple, peaceful, and nice. We also had about 3 inches of snowfall that day, so Jacob finally got to see what a "White Christmas" is all about.

Now it's time to start thinking about goals for 2011, so here goes:
Personal: Lose 43 lbs. This will put me under 200. Obviously, I'd like to loose more eventually, but it's too big of a number to think about at once.
Spend more quality time with the husband and son. Too often, everything is so rushed. Have at least one family game or family movie night each month.
Blog at least once per week.

Financial: Pay off all credit card debt and doctor bills. This is about $7000 total, but totally do-able.
Cook at home more. Use the resources in the pantry and freezer that are already bought and paid for. This will require more planning on my part.

Professional: Complete all coursework toward Doctorate and be ABD by December 2011.
Have all exams, syllabi, and rubrics ready to go before each semester begins, instead of waiting until the day before to do everything.

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