Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rainy day cooking

I woke up this morning to drizzly gray skies. Days like this make it difficult to get motivated to do anything, at first. After I'm up, I'm good to go.

When Jacob got on the bus, I came back inside to make breakfast for Hubby and I. Today was breakfast pizza day at school, so Jake is eating there. Hubs and I had fried potatoes, turkey bacon, and scrambled eggs. Then I re-heated the chicken and broth from last nights supper in the crockpot, sliced a few carrots into a large pan, and strained the broth over the carrots. I'll pick the rest of the chicken off the caracass and add that and some noodles to the pot for chicken noodle soup for lunch. I have cinnamon roll dough mixing in the bread machine, so my kitchen smells really good right now. For supper tonight, we are having stuffed peppers, homemade rolls, and left over mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and green beans (CORN-Clean Out Refrigerator Night around here).

This is my last day off before going back to work. Tomorrow I'll go in and finish making copies and getting my office together, Friday is a faculty meeting, Saturday will be spent canning some more tomatoes, and Sunday is always busy.

Well, I suppose I should go sort and back the Avon order that came in today, so I'm off. Have a great day!

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