Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Stockpile?

I'm often asked why I stockpile, and what I stockpile.

The first question is easy. I stockpile what we can reasonably use, when it is on sale, buy buying enough to last until the next sale. I keep a price book (Thanks, Heather!), so I know what is a good price for an item. For example, BLSL chicken breasts regularly go on sale for $1.79 every 6 weeks. We have chicken usually 3 nights each week, so I will buy 18 packages when it is on sale. I do the same with ground beef.

I primarily stockpile because our food dollar is shrinking, like many others, so I want to get the most "bang for my buck." If something is on clearance or markdown, and I can get it for a very low price, I will buy as many as I can use before it goes bad.

Stockpile storage: I use my refrigerator, 2 small chest freezers, and 2 sets of 6 foot shelving that are stored in the basement. I have limited cabinet space in the kitchen, so only boxed/bagged foods are stored in there. Cans, jars, etc are stored in the basement. If I can ever find the camera cord, aka the "picture sucker", I'll post pictures of the basement pantry.

What do I stockpile? Obviously, this will vary for each family. In the freezers, I have meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegeatables. We don't eat frozen fruit as is, but add it and yogurt in the blender to make smoothies.

Boxed items are mostly pastas. And the occassional Hamburger Helper or Homestyle Bakes. Neither one of those are especially good, but they are fast.

Canned foods/sauces/bottles: Canned corn, peas, beans, fruits, and tomato products from the store. Home canned green beans, vegetable soup, apples, pie fillings, jams, and tomato juice. There are more, but I have class in a few minutes and have to run.


Mrs. D said...

Good post, thanks.

I was just at the store and they had several things on sale that we will use this winter. I purchased enough to get through the winter. Oh, the looks.

Why is it that if can enough to get through winter it's all good but to purchase can goods means your nuts or something?

Last month we went a couple of days without electric and last winter we went for days without electric. I am keeping that in the forefront of my mind as summer is dying out.

Milehimama said...

It's not stockpiling or hoarding, it's planning ahead. Allocating resources for current inventory.

It's not like your gonna stop eating someday.

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