Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Counting my Blessings

1. The love, grace, and acceptance of Jesus Christ
2. My amazing, funny, hot hubby
3. My intelligent and zany son
4. My home. It's not perfect, but it is (fairly) clean, spacious, and abundant.
5. Electricity.A few years ago, there was a massive ice storm in my area. We were without electricity for 10 days.
6. My job. I work part time hours and recieve full time pay and benefits. I also have the freedom to work from home between semesters for extra pay if I choose to.
7. My pets. Patrick and Mittens add so much joy to our lives.
8. A full pantry and freezer. This week's menu plan was made completely from on hand items.
9. Books to read. I have a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction, and usually have at least one book going.
10. The smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies coming from my kitchen.

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