Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine years ago today

On September 11, 2001, I was working at a fast food chicken place mixing up a huge vat of coleslaw. One of the managers wives called, and said a plane had struck the World Trade Center. Thinking it was a fluke accident, yet still concerned, we turned on the radio kept in the back of the store for listening to ball games. A few minutes later, the newscast announced that a second plane had struck, and that it was believed to be the work of terrorists. We finished the morning tasks and opened the store for business in somewhat of a daze, serving chicken, potatoes, and slaw without really seeing a single customer that day. Our customers were subdued, and business was slow, as our small town comprehended how the world had changed in just a few minutes.

After my shift, I had an Economics course in the next town over, at a small, private college. Arriving on campus, I heard other students discussing the news, and noticed that there were fewer students milling about. My class that night was cancelled. Dr. P. was of middle eastern descent, and he, as well as all other "foreign" faculty, staff, and students, had been pulled into an "interrogation room" of sorts, occupying the school's gym with most of the campus security staff, and a few state police. I'm not sure how long they were kept in seclusion. Two days later, the next class was held as scheduled, even though rumors were flying.

Today, we still have an abundance of conspiracy theories as to what actually happened that day. Regardless of what the terrorists were thinking, MANY people lost their lives. Today, many people are STILL risking their lives, so that we may go about ours in relative peace. I thank them for this.

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