Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still Alive Here

Wow, it has been a long time. I have been exceptionally busy these past few weeks.
First of all, the weekend of November 21st, I chaperoned our church's youth group on the Hearts on Fire conference in Gatlinburg, TN. We also took the kids to Ober Gatlinburg while we were there, and they got to experience ice skating. I did not skate, but took some pictures and enjoyed laughing at the kids. The conference has some wonderful speakers. Sean McDowell was the speaker on Saturday morning, he was amazing and really able to relate the message to something the kids can apply in their everyday lives.
Then last weekend was Thanksgiving. I only had to work on Monday and Tuesday of last week. Wednesday, hubby and I just enjoyed the day together doing as little as possible. Thursday, we went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner, it was delicious. We had all the usual trimmings to go with our turkey, and Mom made my favorite dessert: Pumpkin roll! She even made an extra one for us to bring home :)
Friday, I was one of the brave ones who got up at dark o'clock to go shopping. JC Penny wasn't too crowded, but Wal-Mart was a nightmare. I live in a small town, and it is usually tame at this particular store, but not this year! One lady got punched in the face over a set of bed sheets! Another got scratched over an Xbox. Nothing as bad as the poor man in New York who was trampled, of course, but craziness nonetheless. We also went to Big Lots, KMart, Target, the Dollar Tree, and a couple of other stores that I am forgetting. I am hoping all the crazies this year were just a fluke. I stood in the electronics section of WalMart for over 30 minutes just trying to get to the main aisle. If the crowds are as bad as this next year, I will have to stop shopping on Black Friday. It is a tradition with the women in my family, so I would hate to stop going, but it was a pure madhouse.
My son loves to dress up in church. So does my husband. This includes wearing a button up shirt with a tie and jacket. While shopping at the dollar tree, I found matching Frosty the Snowman musical neckties for hubby and son. I know my son will enjoy looking just like daddy. I also found some other great bargains for stocking stuffers and small gifts. With the exception of my grandma and my cousin's 8 month old daughter, I am finished with all shopping. I am contributing money toward my grandma's passport for my cousin's wedding cruise in May '09, as she *needs* absolutely nothing, and has 2 or 3 of everything she wants. The baby will be getting diapers, as she will be happier this year with the paper and bows than anything else.

Coming up, we have so many plans for the Christmas season coming up. It is my favorite time of year, I just wish my families could get together at some other time as well. We have my school-wide Christmas dinner next week, as well as my department dinner. Next week is also finals week, so I am trying to get everything finished up before leaving for the holidays. A church near us is doing "A Walk through Bethleham", so we will be going to that. Also next weekend is a cookie exchange with my aunts and girl cousins, and the Christmas play at church.

I'll post again as I have time.

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