Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More about me

In today's world, many feel that a Christian mother should always be at home raising their children and taking care of home and family. Ideally, I believe this, too; however there are some instances, like mine, where this is just not possible. My husband was injured several years ago (before I met him) in an on the job accident. As a result, he was permanently disabled. He does recieve disability payments, but the amount will not cover even a very modest home in our town, so I work. I am blessed to be teaching in a Christian university. My hours (other than the times I am actually in class) are very flexible, and I will have the opportunity to work from home teaching online courses in about three years. I have a month off at Christmas, Spring and Fall breaks, and 3 months off in the summer. So I am able to take my son to school, pick him up in the afternoons, and be there when he has vacations at such.
****Disclaimer: this post is not meant as a criticism of stay at home, homeschooling mothers. This is just my personal situation.

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