Friday, May 20, 2011

Weight Watchin' and other miscellany

Steve's surgery went very well. I am doing better with the lawn care, but it's not as pretty as when Steve does it. Oh, well, at least it's done. In about 2 weeks, he gets the weedeater back.

For the past few weeks, he and I have been talking about needing to lose weight. We're both tired of being fat, not having any energy, and not being able to do the things we want to do. We also want to set a better example for Jacob. On Tuesday night, we joined Weight Watchers. Both of us had successfully done WW in the past, on our own, but thought if we go together, and stick to the plan, it will give us more motivation. The hard part is, he gets more daily points than I do, and I'm the one fixing all of his food.

In addition to the other reasons above, I just want to feel attractive. I know my husband thinks I'm sexy, but I want to look sexy for him. I want to stop having to shop in the plus size stores. I want to buy underwear that don't include the words "Just My Size" on the package. And who, exactly, decided that plus size women either have unlimited budgets (I'm looking at you, Lane Bryant!) or want big old flowers and sequins on every article of clothing they own? So to accomplish this, I'm sticking to the plan. I'm counting the points in everything I eat, every single BLT (bite, lick, or taste). I will do it this time, for good.

College classes are now out for the summer, so I'm at home now. I'm still teaching four courses online over the summer to earn some extra money. We're going to fence in the backyard and buy a pool. We've gotten estimates, and determined the amount I will be earning extra will do both of these, plus eliminate the rest of our debt, except for my car payment. After all the credit cards and doctor bills are paid off, we'll be first adding to our emergency fund to get it to the $5K mark, then doubling up on my car payments. All of this should be done by next May.

Jacob will be out of school next week. We're going to have "Math Camp" here over the summer, he is really struggling with basic multiplication. Does anyone have any fun ideas that will help multiplication stick for him?

Well, gotta run! There's laundry to fold, beds to make, and supper to calculate and cook.

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