Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are we poor, Mom?

Imagine my surprise when I heard these words coming from my son's mouth last night as I was cooking. I had just finished telling my husband what was on the menu: tossed salad, grilled steak, au gratin potatoes, and rolls. Now, we don't have steak every night, but it is not an uncommon occurance either, so I was unsure what brought on this question.
I knelt to his level, and said, "No, why do you ask?" His reply, "Well, you said we're havin' rotten taters for supper!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, Thanks for the giggles; "are we poor?" made me smile and I needed it tonight; I spent the day trying to get stranded travelers out of Geneva. (I work for a large international company). Why can't they just be thankful they have food and lodging and weren't in the air when the volcano blew?

I just met you over on Zsu Anderson's blog and I like you; you're new best friend! : - ) I need a new best friend today. More importantly, you're my sister in Christ and your testimony blessed and encouraged me at the end of a long and taxing work week. I'm very thankful to be employed, please don't misunderstand.

Although much older than you, my husband and I are also youth sponsors and I cook for the kids/adults on Wednesday night. Like you, I love recipes and love to cook.

Peace and Joy in Jesus!

Jenn said...

hehe cute. ;)
Happy Mom's day tomorrow!!