Monday, December 22, 2008

Dirty Santa and other doings

Hubby and I are assistant youth directors at our church, but we are also involved with our age group Sunday School as often as we can. Last weekend, our sunday school class (our age group) has a Christmas ornament exchange, Dirty Santa style. It was such fun! We also played a game called "apples to apples" which I had not played before, but was a lot of fun. For food, we simply had hor 'dourves. I made BBQ meatballs skewered with pineapple chunks to take.
For the Sunday school class we teach, we had a small dinner with a gift for each of the teens at a local buffet. Before eating, we prayed. While standing in line for the food, an older man asked me "so what're ya'll doing, teaching all them (meaning the kids) how to be little Bible thumpers?" My gut reaction was to just ignore him, but I couldn't. I said "No, we are teaching them how great our God is. Could I share with you how great He his?", meanwhile praying for guidance of where to start. Unfortunately, he said no, but later one of the kids told me they had overheard the exchange, and thanked me for leading the class in the ways of the Lord. He told me so many people would have just ignored the man, or made a rude comment toward him, and that he thought my response was appropriate.

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Julie Hopple said...

Hey Amanda! I saw your link on the budget homemaking group. My DH and I also work with our youth group. How rewarding for you to know you are encouraging these kids and giving them the tools they need to lead others to Christ! Keep up the good work! ~Julie