Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fabulous Weekend

Today has been busy, but so productive. Last night, son spent the night with his grandparents, so hubby and I slept in this morning. After that, hubby worked on his project, a 1956 Chevy sedan that he is restoring, and I worked on some things around the house. The weather is starting to get cooler here, so I got all of the winter blankets and such down, and got them all washed and dried and ready to use, making up all the beds with an extra blanket to ward off the chill on cool nights.

While the blankets were in the wash, I loaded my bread machine to make a loaf of honey wheat bread and made my grocery list. I went to the grocery and also stopped at a few stores to begin Christmas shopping. Hubby wants a stereo for his truck, so that is going to be his main present from both me and son. I got a few things for some of the children in our extended families, and picked up some things for Operation Christmas shoe box. This is a ministry at our church. Each family fills as many shoeboxes as they can afford to with health care items (toothbrush/paste, combs, soaps, shampoos), some non-perishable snacks and candies, and a few toys/trinkets. These shoeboxes are then delivered both domestically and abroad to children whose parents are poor. Often, these boxes are the only gifts these children recieve at Christmas. As of right now, hubby and I have enough to fill 16 shoeboxes for this Christmas. I will purchase more as I go shopping between now and them.

Now I am back home from my shopping, and relaxing in front of the television for a few minutes. Law and Order: SVU is running a marathon today, this is one of my guilty pleasures. In a few minutes, I will be sorting through sons clothing that he has outgrown to give to some friends at church who have boys younger than mine.

Tomorrow, we have Sunday School, church, then home for a few hours, then back to church for Christmas choir practice and evening services. Everyone have a great weekend!

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