Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow! I can't believe it's been a week already since I posted. This week has been very busy. Last Sunday, son was complaining that his heart was hurting. He was fine in a minute, but I was somewhat concerned about this, so Monday morning I called his pediatrician. She is on vacation this week, but the nurse practicioner had an available appointment, so we went to see her. (we have seen the nurse before and she is very efficient). She checked him out and sent us to the hospital for chest x-rays and an EKG just to be on the safe side. Everything came back normal. The nurse said he probably just pulled a muscle playing soccer, but if it happened again to bring him back.

Wednesday night at church, the pastor asked to speak with me and hubs after services. He asked if we would be interested in becoming the youth directors for our church, since there currently are none. We asked him if we could think and pray about it before comitting to anything. On Sunday morning, we will tell him yes, we will do it.

Other than that, there is a lot of clerical/administrative tasks taking place right now at work, so I have been busy doing these. Everyone have a great weekend!

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