Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a great day!

Last night, hubby, son, and I went to hear Rick Gage's Go Tell Crusade. For those of you who don't know, Rick Gage is a motivational Christian speaker. His message is primarily for young people, but I found it very inspiring as well. He has been speaking in my town for the last four nights. He has also spoken at various schools and events in town during the day. As of last night, over 100 high school and college students had come forward to make a statement of faith! God is so good! You can find out more about Rick Gage and his ministry at
Also, hubby and I spoke with our pastor last night at the Crusade. Pastor asked us to chaperone a youth trip to a Hearts on Fire conference in November. This is something I really wanted us to do, but I waited for hubby to make up his mind and let the pastor know. Yes, we are going.
The reason I waited for hubby to decide is partially because in our women's bible study class at church, we are studying the book "for her only" by Shaunti Feldman. I strongly recommend this book for any woman who is struggling with biblical submission. This book has really made me stop and think about the way I treat my husband. He deserves to be treated much better than I normally do. All the little stuff (nagging, yelling, poking fun) adds up. In the three weeks since we started this study, he and I both have seen a significant change in my attitude and how it affects our relationship.
Okay, this turned in to a long ramble today, I hope you were able to follow the thoughts.

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