Monday, September 29, 2008

Fresh bread at my house!

For the past year or two, I have been baking approximately half of the bread that my family of three consumes, whether sandwich bread, rolls, muffins, or whatever. One thing that kept me from making all of our bread was the time consumed by mixing, kneading, et cetera. I have been looking for a bread machine for quite some time, but had not found anything I liked in our area. On Saturday, I stopped at a yard sale and found what I had been watching for...a brand new-box never opened Sunbeam bread machine. The price was even greater...$5. I grabbed the box up and paid for it, then loaded it up in my car and went straight home. It works perfectly! I have already made homemade honey wheat bread in it. Next I want to try some other types of breads, I also want to try out the delay function on it. Wouldn't it be great to walk in every night to the scent of fresh baked bread?

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